Sunday, October 30, 2016

4K Hdmi Cables

After Extensive Testing all of our HDMI Cables at PCCABLES.COM are 4 K Compatible.
Our Low Price and High Quality make them an Excellent Value for OEM Applications.
Generic Packaging Bulk Packaging Allows you to Include them with your Products. You can also just use them at your Home or Office on your 4K Television.
Link to 4K HDMI Cables

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

PCCABLES.COM is a Designer of Computer Cables of every type. We have 100's of OEM Customers that have used our custom Made cables in their products. We supply the Large and small companies and Schools with assorted Cables. and would be happy to have your as a customer. We are large enough to get the Job done but small enough to offer Personalized Quality Service.

Jay F Kullmann

Sunday, September 13, 2015

USB Type-C Cables from PCCABLES.COM

WHAT IS the USB Type-C?
First of all its not Henry Fords Model-A or even his Model-T.
As a matter of fact it not even a Car.
Its the Newfangled USB Cable designed by and Approved by all the Prestigious Manufactures Except for maybe FORD.
USB 3.1 Type-C, is a new specification and connector type from, Is used to connect almost everything and Also can be used to charge Devices. Its essentially One-Cable to rule all them all. Saves on looking for what ever Cable.
I mean all : Video Audio IO Power.
Until its on Both Sides of the Computer and the Device we will need to convert to the USB-C Port to all these devices.
And will be there for you

How does it Know?

USB-C solves the age-old problem of which side is up or down and which connector goes into which end. The Type-C connector in USB 3.1 is reversible and both ends are identical, so all you have to do is grab one end, plug it into the Type-C port, and do the same for the other end. Those days of fumbling to figure which side is up and which side is down are finally gone with a single easy, reversible connection.

USB 3.1 power delivery by providing up to 100 watts of power for compatible devices. By comparison, USB 2.0 usually caps out at about 2.5 watts, which is just enough to power small devices like cell phones and tablets.
USB 3.1 doubles the data transfer speed from USB 3.0's 5Gbps to 10Gbps, Fast is good !!!!

This new design Should allow connection to almost every Device Know to operate.

Check out PCCABLES.COM Inc.
More Information
WikiPedia on USB 3.1 Type-C

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015 Creates New Site. For finding hard to get Cables for Computer and Phones and Cameras. Complete Mobile Site is fast and Phone Friendly.

Monday, May 26, 2014

PCCABLES.COM Inc. Opens Our New Responsive Site. All the Items of PCCABLES.COM INC. But in a Easy to use Responsive Format.
Check it our at
So if you are looking for New HDMI Cables at Great Price or Just need a replacement Cable for Your Camera or IPhone. Check it out. has been Online Longer than Google so we know our Cables.

Friday, May 9, 2014

If you Can't Beat Them Buy them Apple Buys Beats

Apple Computer (AAPL) Purchases Beats by Dy Drye for 3.2 Billion. I am Very Surprise that they did not just design there Headphones. You know the IHeadPhone !!!! Beats - Are overpriced headphones that are cool to wear because every rapper wheres one. Nothin Special. I rank the Headphone Quality poor for the price. Purchase one today and make the Rappers even more money than they make on there "Music". Give me a Set of Sony Studio Head Phones all day. Anyways If you want a cable to extend those Headphones Beats or otherwise. Check out our 3.5mm Stereo Extension Cables.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Top Five Reasons to Buy HDMI Cables For Your TV

    In the ever-changing world of television entertainment, there are always new and exciting ways to see your favorite movies and TV shows. One of the newest and best forms in which to access your content is through a device that uses an HDMI cable. Numerous devices such as the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and Roku box are compatible with HDMI cables for outputting shows and movies into your TV. Since January of 2013, over three billion HDMI equipped devices have been sold. In the race to see your media in crystal clear picture, HDMI is the true victor. This article was written to showcase some of the advantages of this format and why everybody who likes TV, movies, or video games should check this out. So, without further ado, here are the top five reasons to buy HDMI cables for your TV.

    Number 1: Blu-ray movies will look amazing

    Whether you are playing your Blur-ray media on a computer or TV, it will look amazing. Those who doubt the quality of HDMI cables should do a simple comparison between old analog video and new HDMI quality video. The difference is astounding and you will know it when you see the sharp contrast and smooth motion within HD content.

    Number 2: Video games will play with a crystal clear view

    Gone are the days of choppy frame rates or screen burn. This new technology prevents bad game play by ensuring that each game plays as smoothly as the system will allow it. It does not matter if you are a Playstation or Xbox fan, your game will improve considerably both off-line and online with HDMI.

    Number 3: Personal computers can also use this technology

    Those in more serious settings such as workplaces or schools should also consider adopting this technology. Presentations can be made much more effectively without the risk of an analog wire shorting out, and it is easier to focus on one task rather than worrying about an equipment malfunction at the same time. The lack of stress will also improve your presentation by giving confidence in the integrity of the presentation equipment.

    Number 4: Even modern tablets can utilize HDMI for video output

    The most slick and modern tablets are now also HDMI compatible. Microsoft's surface and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 both make use of this video output system for making presentations and playing media as well. If you consider yourself a technology buff, or even if you do not, then this is the best way to play and watch media.

    Number 5: The cost is extremely reasonable

Link to $3.95 4K HDMI Cable     At only $3.95 from an excellent company like, you can be the proud adopter of an HDMI cable. This will help you harness the most power from all of your electronic devices and have the most clear picture around. If you buy this audiovisual cable, then you will never regret it!

    We hope you enjoyed this article and look forward to seeing you have a great time watching movies in HD!

For more information on these new and innovative cables, check us out at: