Thursday, March 11, 2010

Website Security Issues

In the Computer Cable Industry.

Is a copy of a yahoo Site does not have a working Shopping Cart.
But Merchant Services is still letting them Charge away on credit Cards they are obtaining from who knows where. Us Folks over at PCCABLES.COM Online since 1996 have received twelve Phone Calls from Card Holders in Reference to the charges made by the Fraud at It would be nice if someone could shut it down As they are giving us a bad name.

Company a CA Company cannot seem to keep their credit Card Numbers safe. That's why its sometimes Better to go with the smaller companies. At PCCABLES.COM We Run Audits and Checks on both the Internal and External Security. That's one of the Reasons that many Government Agency's and Large Corporations purchase from PCCABLES.COM.

So If you want Great Cables and A Very Secure Web Site look no further than

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