Sunday, June 20, 2010

USB Flex Cable

Brand New USB Flex Cable.

Great to move the USB port.
Works great on Mac Mini to move the Port to the Top/Front of the Unit.
Making it easy to plug in your IPOD.
This item was thought up by my Ten Year Old.
He Wanted me to call it an iFlex.
Which sound like some kind of Yoga Move.
Anyways what we decided to call it is a "USB Flex Cable".

Purchase one Here

Monday, May 31, 2010

Replacement Camera Cables

Dog ate it, Left it at the Airport, Left it at the Hotel.
You know all the excuses. Well we have over 3000 Replacement Camera Cables so you can transfer your images back to your Computer.
Check it out Here
Replacement Camera Cables

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Website Security Issues

In the Computer Cable Industry.

Is a copy of a yahoo Site does not have a working Shopping Cart.
But Merchant Services is still letting them Charge away on credit Cards they are obtaining from who knows where. Us Folks over at PCCABLES.COM Online since 1996 have received twelve Phone Calls from Card Holders in Reference to the charges made by the Fraud at It would be nice if someone could shut it down As they are giving us a bad name.

Company a CA Company cannot seem to keep their credit Card Numbers safe. That's why its sometimes Better to go with the smaller companies. At PCCABLES.COM We Run Audits and Checks on both the Internal and External Security. That's one of the Reasons that many Government Agency's and Large Corporations purchase from PCCABLES.COM.

So If you want Great Cables and A Very Secure Web Site look no further than

Monday, March 1, 2010

The New Apple

Apple has added some interesting connectors to their new systems.
Making it a Little Difficult to get Video Signals Out.
We have three new Cables for Video.
Mini-DVI to HDMI
Mini-DVI to VGA
Mini-DisplayPort to HDMI
Mini-DisplayPort to VGA
Mini-DisplayPort Extension Cable 6FT

We Also have added a Repeater Cable for:

1394b Firewire 800 - 15 Meter.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Firewire 1394B 800 Repeater Extension

You can now extend your Firewire even at 800 MBPS with our NEW 1394B Firewire Repeaters. Uses the Premium TI Chipset compatible with all Firewire Applications.
Excellent for use with the Mac Mini and other Macs with the 9pin Firewire Connector.

Purchase one now at:
Firewire 1394b Repeater

Friday, October 16, 2009

USB to IRDA Adapters

IRDA or Infrared Data Association is an interface that used on thousands of household and commercial electronic devices. PCCABLES.COM is proud to offer interface adapters to allow you to control those devices Via the USB Port on the Computer. We provide Devices with the three most popular chipsets for doing this conversion MosChip MCS7780, Tanic S100, and Systel(Discontinued). We also offer Drivers for Microsoft Vista and Vista 64 and also the Mac OS.
Find USB to IRDA Adapters

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Water Sprinkler Controller - Irrigation Caddy by KGControls LLC

I finally got a chance to install my newest Internet Device.
Its called the Irrigation Caddy and saves me loads of time when I need to adjust my water Sprinklers. This 9 Nine zone controller is just the Ticket and currently specially priced at $99.00 similar units cost $300+. It took all of about ten minutes to install in place of my current Toro Electronic Unit. It saves me loads of time adjusting the sprinklers. Anyways purchase one at .
The only improvement I can see would be an addition of a Rain Sensor Interface to save some water and a password interface so that I can make it available when away from home. Otherwise Excellent Tool. Keep up the good Work.