Friday, April 27, 2012 has released a 20 Meter Firewire Cable. This cable breaks thru the 4.5 Meter Limitation. Part 70982

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Cables, Cables Everywhere

It seems every time I turn on the computer a new supplier of Cables shows up online. I would like to remind all that PCCABLES.COM INC. has remained on track inclusively cables. Sure we slide a Switch Box and HDMI Amplifier in the Mix but these are at customers requests. You will not find IPAD 3 Covers, or Projector Screens. If it does not have a cable or at least have a cable connected to it you will not find it at PCCABLES.COM. If you want a supplier that sells everything I would suggest or any one of the Importers that have no quality control. The Folks here at PCCABLES stand behind our Cable Products and have online Since 1996. We have seen numerous online LOW-LOW-LOW Price Suppliers come and go. So for the Best Cable Technical Information and Quality Cables at reasonable prices go to PCCABLES.COM

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Cables unlimited

Another cable supplier goes under in this poor economy. Cables supplied 1000's of cables and was a great manufacture.
Many of the customer have been redirected to Although we would hope they would check out sponsor .

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Copper Price - Labor Price

Copper Prices have stabilized. Labor Prices are still increasing in China.
We should see an increase in Imported Cable Costs Shortly. Looks like there are even more cable suppliers online. a Long Time Supplier of Computer Cables files for Bankruptcy.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

I was at the Park the Other Day and a couple of friends of mine where talking HDMI. One of them told me of this problem he had with his new Uverse System. He was saying that he wanted to display the same image on two LCD Displays. One inside the house and one outside on his Patio. He was trying all these ports on the UVERSE Box and the one he really wanted to use was the Popular HDMI Port. And I said Why not just split the HDMI Signal Splitter. He said No shit I can do that. And I said Sure check out my HDMI Signal Splitters part Number 81132 HDMI 3d Splitter. As both of these guys just regular folk did not even know such a thing existed I thought I would tell you about it here. These also work great to Split HDMI for Blue Ray Players. And All Satellite Dish Boxes with HDMI Support.

Friday, January 21, 2011

HDMI Type-A Type-C Type-D 3D HEC

Its Official HDMI is everywhere.
HDMI We currently have three primary connector Types.
HDMI Type A the Large connector that is seen on almost every LCD TV and DVD Players in the World. A Flat wafer style connector about the size of a Quarter.
HDMI Type C a Mid Sized Connector used on Laptops, Camcorders Etc.
HDMI Type D a Small Connector used on Cell Phones, HTC-EVO.

As far as 3-D is concerned it looks for now it has not been addressed by the HDMI Adopters association.

HEC-High Speed Ethernet Cables Spec will work for all 3d TV's This is also sometimes Incorrectly called HDMI V1.4

Sunday, October 31, 2010

HTC EVO 4G Cables

The Newest Phone since the Iphone.

First let me say that I think the IPhone is very Cool and Works Great.

But I want to work a little outside the Box so I purchased the New EVO 4G by HTC.
Great Phone with some cool connections.

Connection #1 The Very Standard Micro USB Cable.

1 Ft Micro B Cable
3 Ft Micro B Cable
6 Ft Micro B Cable
10 Ft Micro B Cable
15 Ft Micro B Cable

Connection #2 The Newest HDMI Connector Type-D.

1 Ft HDMI Type-D Adapter
6 Ft HDMI Type-A to Type-D Cable