Sunday, February 13, 2011

I was at the Park the Other Day and a couple of friends of mine where talking HDMI. One of them told me of this problem he had with his new Uverse System. He was saying that he wanted to display the same image on two LCD Displays. One inside the house and one outside on his Patio. He was trying all these ports on the UVERSE Box and the one he really wanted to use was the Popular HDMI Port. And I said Why not just split the HDMI Signal Splitter. He said No shit I can do that. And I said Sure check out my HDMI Signal Splitters part Number 81132 HDMI 3d Splitter. As both of these guys just regular folk did not even know such a thing existed I thought I would tell you about it here. These also work great to Split HDMI for Blue Ray Players. And All Satellite Dish Boxes with HDMI Support.

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  1. Awesome, these look like the ones I've bought recently from . I was also thinking about buying some other ones from but I saw spec for spec it was identical.